About Us

Brahm Giani 111 Sant Baba Sudha Singh Ji Thakur laid foundation of Gurdwara Vadha Dera in the Daudhar Village Sant 108 Baba Veer Singh Ji Succeeded Sant Baba Sudha Singh Ji Thakur and Carried Out his desire.

Sant the Brahm Giani, 108 Baba Mangal Singh Ji was Born in this village and was touched and inspired by the jointly & truthful living of the above named greate saints, started helping the poor, blind, handicaped and abundant by inspiring them to learn Kirtan & Path To serve the society and mankind under the blessing of Sant Baba Veer Singh Ji. Baba Mangal Singh Ji also sent some of his students to Kashi for religions studies to enrich so as to preach universal brotherhood, Baba Ji Worked for uplifting the suppressed throughout his life by undertaking such greate spiritual works. Baba Ji fulfilled the dreams of sant Baba 111 Sudha Singh Ji Thakur and Sant 108 Baba Veer Singh Ji who blessed him.

In the everlasting memory of Sant 108 Baba Mangal Singh Ji Baba Mangal Singh Institute of Education has been established at Barnala Road(Bughipura), Moga to serve the humanity. This institution will work on our old traditional religious culture keeping face with professional code of ethics and train the persons to serve mankind as desired by Sant Baba Mangal Singh Ji Maharaj.