Hostel rules
1. No student shall keep any unassigned person in the room .
2. The student must show their hostel fee receipt to the warden before admission to be hostel.
3. Each student must keep the room allotted to them clean. They will be held responsible for any damage to the room or its furniture.
4. The hostel as far as possible shall have a common mess for all the students , which shall be under the control of the warden and will be based on contribution.
5. The main gate of the hostel shall locked at 8.00 p.m.
6. Electric stoves, Room Heaters or any other Electrical appliances are not allowed to be used .
7. Students are required to pay their mess Contractorís bills by the 7th of every month positively.
8. The parents will write the name and give passport size photos of the relations who would visit the students. The warden will have the sole right to allow any visitor.
9. No resident of the hostel will remain absent from the hostel without the written permission of the warden. 10. Male visitors will not be allowed in the residentís room.
11. All lights and fans must be switched off while leaving the room , otherwise a fine of Rs. 20/- per day will be charged.
12. No hostel servant may be disciplined by any student nor any servant be sent to errands without the permission of the warden.
13. Illness must be reported to the warden at once.
14. Any question not covered by these rules shall be decided by the Medical Supdt..
15. The students are requested not to bring valuables . If there is any damage or they are lost the authorities will not be responsible.
16. Students will no visit Staff Nurses/Senior Nurses in their rooms nor they allowed to have them in their rooms without permission.
17. Visitors are allowed only on Saturday between 1 p.m to 4 p.m. and Sunday 10 a.m to 4 p.m.
18. No Mobile Phone is allowed.
19. If the students will have the hostel, she will not get re-entry in the hostel.
20. The students will not keep any type of Medical unless described by Dr. & must be in the Knowledge of Hostel Warden.

Leave Rules
1. Leave for absence from the college should be applied personally by a student on the prescribed from available from the college office
2. Leave will be sanctioned by the principal on the Recommendation of the tutor of the student and must be got sanctioned before it is availed of. In case of illness the application should be supported by the Medical certificate 3. Leave for a particular lecture may be granted by the lecturer concerned.
4. Absentees from class without leave are fined Rs. 10/- for the day , Absence from the group meetings, seminars, work experience activities , Psychology experiments and other group activities which ill be assigned from time to time will entail a fine of Rs 10/-
5. The Maximum leave allowed to a student during the year will be 30 days only and to sick leave
6. In case of serious illness the leave application must be submitted along with the medical certificate
7. When applying for leave the student must have his/her identity card.
The Name of the student remaining absent from the institution for a period of two weeks without getting leave sanctioned shall be automatically struck off the rolls of the institute. His/ Her admission may be restored with the permission of the Principal on payment of re-admission fee.

Disciplinary Action
Students any be terminated from their duty for disobedience of the rules and regulations prescribed by the authorities. For misconduct or if there is no progress in the study or not doing the duty (day or night) in the wards as allocated, if directly or indirectly take part in any movement to create any kind or disturbance in the instruction or to attempt to stage a strike in the institution for any reason whatsoever or induce any other activity which according to authorities opinion undermines discipline or found guilty of unsatisfactory work or of serious misconduct in any way , then the particular student/students will be fined or expelled from the school or Nursing , Without any prior notice/intimation.
All the students are given 7 days preparatory holidays before nursing council Examination, Also they are given 30 days vacation in one calendar year.
Identity card
All students on the rolls of the college are issued identity card on joining the college . on the presentation of identity card the students will be issued library membership cards Students are requested to keep their identity cards with them. These must be produced when demanded or when checked by an official of the college The identity card is Non-transferable .if a student looses his/her identity card/Library card , He/she can be issued a duplicate one on a payment of Rs, 50/-
College Magazine
One issue of the college magazine will be brought out in the month of may with three sections Punjabi, Hindi and English. Articles of outstanding merit may bring a prize to the writer.